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    Here we are, proud and satisfied of what we have created with our hands and we showed to you.
    The 13 December in tight ’ Annunziata there have given a ’ further confirmation of the fact that our art is something special.

    Thanks to those who came to cheer for us, who knew there and we praised, who was there by chance and was surprised, friends and relatives and supporters.

    Give up your memory with this gallery ... who didn't come? I look forward to the next exhibition 🙂

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    1. MdeS
      24 June 2015 - Reply

      AND’ elegance takes center stage: in the center of the hall, as on a central stage around which the audience, can choose by moving, your point of view, we see one “parade” very special fashion. Not models swaying to musical rhythms, but immobile mannequins clad in precious clothes, they present themselves as an expression of figurative art that blend creativity, good taste and great sartorial experience. Each dress is proposed as an art object in its uniqueness, packaged with the utmost care typical of sartorial art: polychrome crystals shine balanced in the design of the dress, hand embroideries and paintings made with innovative techniques. Nohan's slogan is very relevant: art of wearing.
      For a premiere at La Scala, for an important ceremony, for an evening “special”, who will wear a suit of these, fusion of creativity, originality and good taste will really feel the protagonist. The accessories, exhibited in side cases, they are created to complete the effect of the dress. Rare handbags stand out, with closures “Belle Epoque”-“Liberty”, these “mises” timeless, at thunderstorms, they overcome the limits of ephemeral fashions as they are true pieces of art, whose authors, Norma and Angela make up the perfect Nohan combination.

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